Monitoring Solutions

The combination of network management software for remote control and the UPS management software “CompuWatch” offers an integrated solution for administration of several data centers. With the optional sensors' shutdown processes can be automated whenever there are problems in the data center environment. An SSL encrypted communication between the UPS and server secures against unauthorized access.

  • CompuWatch

    The CompuWatch shutdown and UPS management software provides automation in data processing. It has been developed in client/server technology for homogenous and heterogeneous networks in order to shut down the server and computers (both hardware and operating systems) in a reliable manner.

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    Web-based network management software for UPS systems which shows network embedded UPS systems and allows simple control of complex UPS networks by displaying UPS status messages with easy integration of individual backgrounds. Statistics can be monitored by saving all events in a log file and displaying a graphical statistic report.

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